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13 Ways to Fix Your Age-Related Back Pain

13 Ways to Fix Your Age-Related Back Pain

As we age, it is normal for our bodies to change. Unfortunately, some age-related changes result in pain, particularly in our back and joints. Just because lower back pain in the elderly is common does not mean you have to experience it! There are many remedies for back pain in old age available. So let’s explore some popular and effective methods to relieve back pain!

How To Fix a Bad Back – 13 Ways to Improve Age-Related Back Pain

Taking Medications

In short term situations, taking anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen (Advil) or analgesic medications like acetaminophen (Tylenol) can be helpful. While these medications help reduce pain in acute injuries, pain medication does not fix back pain. If you have to take back pain medication every day to relieve pain, seeking out additional treatment options is necessary.

Being More Physically Active

Movement helps keep the body strong and functioning correctly. The more you stay active, the quicker you will recover from episodes of age related back pain.


Many stretches can help release tight muscles and reduce inflammation in the lower back and legs. Daily stretching can help reduce chronic age-related back pain, increase your flexibility, and reduce your chances of getting injured.

Physical Therapy

Your doctor may prescribe physical therapy to treat back pain. Your active therapist will monitor guided stretches and exercises. Increasing core abdominal muscle strength can help with lower back pain – and your therapist will help you work on these areas!

Remember to Rest

During episodes of pain, resting is essential to reduce inflammation. Short-term resting periods can help during painful flare-ups, but over 48 hours of bed rest can make injuries worse and slow down the healing process.

Apply Heat

Heat stimulates blood flow and muscle relaxation. Using a heating pad or taking a warm bath or shower can help reduce lower back pain. Stretching with warm muscles can have added benefits, so consider doing some light stretching once you’re warmed up.

Apply Cold

Right after a flare-up or injury, applying ice to the area can help slow down and reduce the inflammatory process. Applying ice for 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off (wrapped in a cloth, not directly to the skin) can help reduce swelling and pain.

Lifestyle Changes

Adjusting your lifestyle may help with chronic lower back pain! Adjusting your diet to reduce inflammatory foods can help reduce chronic body inflammation. Also, integrating mindfulness meditation practices into your daily routine can help make the pain more manageable.


Acupuncture is an alternative medicine practice that can help reduce chronic pain and inflammation. Through the insertion of small needles into the body at specific locations, muscle relaxation and back pain relief can be achieved.

Nerve Blocks/Injections

Steroids can be injected into the joint or spinal nerve root to reduce inflammation and reduce chronic back pain. Injections are often on a three-month schedule to maintain effective pain coverage.

Electrical Nerve Stimulation 

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is a method of back pain relief based around low voltage electricity. While this is limited research to validate this back pain relief method, some people have been able to experience reduced pain from this treatment.

Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

In severe instances, surgery may be considered to treat age-related back pain. While this is often the last option for many, surgery can help decompress the spinal column to provide pain relief. Surgery can be therapeutic –  but it also offers many additional risks and complications.

Chiropractic Care

Last but not least, visiting a chiropractor is a fantastic option for treating age-related back pain!

Chiropractors are specialized doctors who take the time to approach your back pain holistically. By conducting an in-depth assessment of your body and pain symptoms, a chiropractor can build a treatment plan around resolving your pain, not covering it up. Spinal manipulation and adjustments can reduce inflammation and restore proper joint function to reduce age-related pain.

For more information about the benefits of chiropractic care for age-related lower back pain, please visit or call our office at 816-272-3580


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