Best Pillow For Neck Pain

Pillows serve a very important purpose to support the head and neck which promotes a healthy spine and good quality of sleep. If you suffer from neck pain there is a good chance that your pillow lacks that much needed support and your quality of sleep is being affected. So how do you find the best pillow for neck pain?

Preference on types of pillows can vary greatly from person to person. Some prefer a feathered pillow, while others prefer a memory foam pillow or latex pillow. Some like a thick pillow, and others prefer a contoured design.  Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper? These are variables you must take into account when choosing the right pillow.

I am particularly picky with the types of pillows I sleep on. I have ordered and tried almost a dozen pillows to find the one that works best for my neck and body. Here are 3 pillows that I like that vary in material makeup and design, but are high quality and reputable. Check them out!

Best Pillow for Neck Support

Pluto Pillow


The Pluto Pillow is my first choice when recommending a pillow for neck pain. Pluto is the first and only completely custom pillow brand that is built specifically for you.  First they have you take a questionnaire. They use that information and take the stats of your body like height weight, sleep position, bed type, personal material preference, etc, and creates a one of a kind pillow specific to your sleep needs.


Completely Customized Pillow

Pluto recognizes that every person is different. A 6 foot 4 inches individual with a large head and neck will have very different pillow preferences, than someone who is 5 foot 1 inches. Having the ability to customize your pillow is great, but the brand also uses an array of breathable, temperature-regulated, supportive materials. Their pillows are a hybrid design constructed with a foam inner core and an outer plush for comfort. Pluto Pillows takes the guesswork out of pillow shopping, which is why I love this brand, and sleep on a Pluto pillow myself…I actually have two of them.

Idle Sleep Gel Memory Foam Pillow


If you’re not interested in going through the customization process that Pluto offers then Idle Sleep’s Gel Memory Foam Pillow may be a good option. I like this pillow because it offers wonderful neck support without being too thick or plush. Thick pillows can cause the head and neck to lay in a flexed position while sleeping, causing stress on the joints and discs. Overtime, this will lead to a decreased or reversed cervical curve, which can lead to many other neck related problems. You want a pillow that keeps your head neck in a neutral position while still offering the neck the support it needs to rest. This pillow does just that. The gel memory foam is open celled, which makes it cool and breathable. Idle Sleeps pillow is covered in a rayon bamboo velour, which is soft and comfortable for those with sensitive skin and who need temperature regulation.

Puffy Pillow

Puffy Mattress
Puffy Pillow

I love the Puffy brand in general, and the Puffy Pillow is not different.  It’s quality, design, material, rating, price, and warranty exceeds its competitors. The Puffy Pillow comes in two sizes, standard and king, and is ergonomically designed for neck pain, back pain, migraines, and tossing and turning. It is made up of shredded CertiPUR-US certified foam which is highly recommended for neck support and it’s ability to adjust to your sleep type. This is possible because it allows you to remove the shredded foam to adjust the height to your comfort. The pillow is also wrapped in a hypoallergenic bamboo rayon cooling cloud cover that keeps you dry and cool, and is machine washable. The Puffy Pillow ships free to your door, comes with a 101 night sleep trial, and a lifetime warranty.

Sweet Night Pillow

sweetnight Logo
Sweet night pillow

Sweet Night carries three pillows that all have a 4.7/ 5.0 or higher in rating with over 1000 positive reviews. These pillows are all comprised of different types of shredded foam that are adjustable. This is done by adding or removing the amount of foam within the pillow, so the user can get the correct pillow height suitable for their comfort.

First, is the Bamboo Pillow, made up of 90% activated bamboo-charcoal foam and 10% comfort foam. The Combination Pillow is similar, but has an added 25% shredded foam to allow more neck support to those who want it. Lastly is the Original Pillow, which is made up primarily of shredded gel memory foam. Each pillow comes with a bamboo derived rayon cover that is breathable, removable, and washable.