Cervical Radiculopathy

Cervical radiculopathy is a disorder in which the nerve root in the cervical spine becomes damaged or inflamed resulting in a change in neurological function. Neurological deficits, for example, weakness, altered reflexes and numbness may radiate from the neck into the fingers, hand, arm and shoulder. The pain is often described as a sensation of pins and needles tingling.

Chiropractic treatment of cervical radiculopathy

A common technique utilized by chiropractors to reduce pain and symptoms caused by cervical radiculopathy is the manipulation of the cervical spine. The technique is used for patients complaining of shoulder or arm pain, upper back and neck pain. Moreover, it is also used for the treatment of cervicogenic headaches. Chiropractic care is considered to be the first line of treatment for a number of cervical conditions. The goal of treatment is to decrease pain, decrease neurological symptoms, and improve the patients quality of life and activities of daily living. This is done by restoring proper function of the cervical spine and ultimately relieving nerve compression taking place on the affected region.

Before treatment the chiropractor will take a full patient subjective history, perform a thorough exam including necessary imaging, and possibly a relief treatment depending on the severity and at the doctors discretion.

Cervical spinal manipulation

Cervical spine manipulation is a traditional chiropractic technique that involves a high velocity, low amplitude technique to restore joint motion and relieve nerve compression on the affected area.

Cervical spine mobilization

Mobilization technique is a less forceful and more gentle approach which involves moving the joint slowly through a more tolerable range of motion. This approach is generally less effective and typically takes longer to see results, but may be necessary depending on the severity of the patients condition.

Adjunctive therapy

Some chiropractors may also use adjunctive therapy for the treatment of cervical spine complaints. Adjunctive therapy typically includes strengthening exercises, gentle stretching, cervical traction, heat or cold application and massage.

At home therapy

See our article on Cervical Traction Device For Neck Pain for more information on at home therapies. The Myovive Cervical Traction Device may be beneficial for this condition.

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