Sinus Relief with Chiropractic Care

Sinus Relief With Chiropractic Care

Sinus Relief with Chiropractic Care

We are in the heart of spring and you, like many in the Kansas City area, may be experiencing the worst of allergy season. Many who suffer from allergies also suffer from acute and chronic sinusitis brought on by environmental irritants. Your sinuses consist of 8 hollow regions in between bones in the forehead, cheeks, and deep between the temple region. These regions produce mucus that moisturize incoming air and protect the lungs and body from pollutants in the environment. When these regions become irritated an infection can take hold and cause inflammation, acute rhinitis (runny nose), congestion, and dyspnea (difficulty breathing). These symptoms can leave you in extreme discomfort for up to 4 weeks.

Many people also suffer multiple sinus infections throughout the year.

Chiropractic can not only help with reducing occurrences of those who suffer from sinus issues, but also help to relieve sinus pressure during an infection. First, an examination should be performed to determine the condition. In addition to having sinusitis symptoms, often the frontal and maxillary sinuses will be painful with palpation. Palpation of the neck muscles, lymph nodes, and upper cervical vertebra should be checked as well.

When the spine does not have proper alignment, and is not functioning correctly, the muscles in the head and neck can become irritated and overworked. This causes the surrounding muscles to become spastic cutting off lymphatic drainage from the head and neck. A Chiropractor will adjust the cervical spine to induce proper alignment, relieve muscle tension, and improve lymphatic drainage. Electrical therapy using micro current can be used to help break up the congestion inside the sinuses.  Manual therapy techniques will also be used by applying pressure to the frontal and maxillary sinuses to help force drainage of these regions.

When using these therapies in conjunction with one another patients will often experience immediate relief.

Those who experience chronic sinus infections may have a weakened immune system, or may be exposed to a constant irritant affecting the sinuses. Getting adjusted and checked for proper alignment can decrease these chronic infections by improving overall immune function and central nervous system health, which ultimately controls the rest of the body. I.e. When your spine does not function correctly, neither does your immune system or the rest of the body. Lastly, be sure to eliminate any exposure to known irritants that may be contributing to your sinus issues.

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