Cervical Traction Device For Neck Pain

Cervical traction devices can be a wonderful at home therapy to help treat cervical pain / neck pain, pinched nerves, headaches, arthritis pain, herniated discs, inflammation, muscle tension, muscle spasms and more. Cervical traction devices function by using traction to decompress the cervical spine which helps to take pressure off the irritated nerves, joints, muscles, and discs, all while restoring the proper cervical curvature in the spine.

Why Myovive

The Myovive cervical traction device is by far the best cervical traction device on the market today. This all-in-one unit has a contoured head piece that is designed for maximum comfort on the cervical spine. Myovive has a double air compressed system that allows the unit to traction out the cervical spine in ways most other units cannot. It is also equipped with low frequency electrical impulse therapy and heat therapy, which are both built directly into the cervical head piece. These two added features help to decrease muscle tension and alleviate muscle spasms simultaneously during tractions therapy. These three features can only be found on the Myovive cervical traction device, which is why this device is one of a kind. All three features are customizable and remote controlled so you can choose the setting that works best for you.

The cost of other, less effective, inflatable cervical traction devices can range as high as $400-$500. The Myovive cervical traction device sells for $297 and has a discount code for 10% this price. Just use the code Myovive10 to receive your discount at checkout. The unit also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, and free shipping directly to your door. If you are tired of dealing with chronic neck pain, the Myovive cervical traction device may be your answer.

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Cervical Traction Device For Neck Pain

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